Zeeshan Exim is based in North India, engaged in the manufacturing & trading of high quality Finished Leather, Shoe, Shoe Upper & Goods etc.

In 2010 started a small business named of raw hides at Kanpur a place situated in North India, selling hides to tanners of Indian Leather Industry .

In 2012, started production of Shoe upper for safety & fashion footwear. Our experiences and innovation make us fully equipped for the latest leather business developments, and we always move parallel to the latest business trend.
Care for the environment and protection has been a major concern of the company from the date of its establishment, In creating leather from the hide & skin, by-products of the world meat industries, Zeeshan Exim enhances the beauty & performance of a natural renewable material

The company has always taken a responsible attitude to the environment and has adoped and changed manufacturing process to take into account the health and safety of its employees and the impact of its operations on the environment. We aim to minimise waste through the stringent use of all materials, supplies and energy, and use renewable or recyclable materials and components wherever possible in operations.

Our ability to relate to a customer's requirements and respond with the flexibility of a products made-to-order-and-deliver capability is a definite edge we enjoy over our competition. Combining them with state-of-the-art machinery, the company is engaged in a constant endeavour to set the highest standards in quality, performance, reliability and professionalism.

Excellency, Competitive pricing, Best quality, Prompt shipment all these make our business large and larger, more business friend. Innovation, maintained Quality & Caution to details has always been the essence of what we develop. For the past many years Zeeshan Exim has been dedicated to develop finished leather & leather shoe uppers. We take great pride in always delivering the best service and product. We have a large number of satisfied clients in our fold, is a proof of our Service orientation and Excellent quality. For us Quality is a way where we leave no stone unturned, we pay utmost attention to this. We believe that we can only progress if we have satisfied customers, a belief that has paid dividends